Auto Accident Lawyer

If you regularly drive, there’s a decent chance that at some point you’ll be involved in a car accident. Many of the incidents you see on the road result in minor damages or injuries; however, some could have significant results, including costly car repairs and medical treatment. If you feel you were at least partly to blame for the collision with another vehicle, pedestrian or bicyclist, it’s important to react appropriately so you can get the best outcome possible.

Stick Around

People aren’t perfect. You, like everyone else, make mistakes and have lapses in judgment. If your wrong actions cause a car crash, don’t get scared or act foolishly by fleeing the scene. This is about the worst thing you can do and will only likely result in harsh penalties. After the accident, stay at the scene and wait for police and first responders to arrive.

Don’t Admit You Caused the Crash

Even if you have a pretty good idea that you were to blame for the accident, don’t say this to the other party or to anyone else on the scene. Though this may seem counter-intuitive and maybe even a little invasive, it’s best to let the police conduct the investigation and determine what happened. When police officers or investigators ask you to give your account of what happened, be completely honest and gives details and facts about the incident to them but not to the other driver.

Exchange Insurance Information and Be Polite

The first thing you should do after an accident is to make sure everyone is OK—not just in your car but in the other cars involved in the crash. The next logical step is to call the police, followed by an exchange of insurance information.

Speak to an Attorney

This is a critical step, especially if you believe you were at fault and the police investigation determines as much. Not only will an experienced, skilled accident attorney know how to build a solid defense for you, but he or she will make sure your rights are protected if the other party sues you.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you were at fault in an accident, your auto insurance rates will almost definitely go up. This is no reason to avoid speaking to your agent, however. This is an honest, essential step and will benefit you much more than hurt you.

It’s unpleasant being at fault for a car accident. However, if you take the proper steps, you can get through it as smoothly as possible.