Reality of Divorce 

While divorce is not one of the most popular topics to discuss for most people, the reality is that many people will unfortunately have to go through it. When a marriage is ending, this can bring about many different emotions and potential financial or extended family problems. The process for a divorce varies from marriage to marriage, but there are some constants that typically occur in the proceedings. Let’s take a look at what the divorce process is really like. 

The Divorce Process

The divorce process can go a few different ways. Sometimes a divorce is settled by a judge in a courtroom and other times it is settled by both spouses’ lawyers coming to an agreement. The first step taken though is generally the serving of papers. One of the spouses of the couple will begin the paperwork by gathering evidence and drafting the divorce papers to serve to the other spouse. Following this step, a divorce lawyer is generally called upon to look through the financial details of assets, banking statements and other records.  

Latter Stages of Divorce Process

Following the serving of papers and having your lawyer review documents and statements, this is when the legal counsel representing each spouse will try and negotiate with one another. The goal of this would be to come to some kind of agreement between finances, assets, what to do with children, etc. If an agreement is made, then you will not have to go to court and have a judge decide these matters. If you cannot make an agreement between you and your spouse, then it will have to go to court to be decided. This is when the judge will take a look at all of the details and judge in their opinion on how to settle the proceedings of the divorce.  

Can a Divorce Lawyer Really Help?

Not everyone is a huge fan of lawyers, but when it comes to divorces, they can be quite helpful. An experienced divorce lawyer can assist you with the different types of details that go on within a divorce and the possible settlements that accompany it. They understand the intricate details and can help to fight for your asset protection, possible child support payments or custody battles and more. Contacting a divorce lawyer like those at Attorney Bernie may be helpful for you to get through your divorce more smoothly.