At Trapp Law Firm we believe that information empowers people to be able to make better decisions with more confidence- about important matters that will affect their lives. When people find themselves in need of legal help, we believe that the more they educated they are about their issue and about the kind of help they may be able to get for it, the more able they will be to make more informed decisions about what the best ways for them to proceed are.

This website was designed to be for the general public to get reliable and free information about legal issues they are going through. The information provided here is intended to be used as a resource for legal information that pertains to common legal issues people go through, as well as for help on how to look if you think you may need to enlist the help of a lawyer.


Trapp Law Firm was born out of the increasing need for reliable and up to date information on the internet, to help people understand answers to common legal questions.

Knowing that you need a lawyer is stressful. Knowing that you do not know the first thing about the law pertaining to your situation and that you do not know how to deal with the many challenges this has brought, including needing to find a lawyer, can be positively overwhelming.

We hope that the information provided on our website will be helpful to a broad section of people who are investigating legal issues and how to get help with them.

Reliable Internet Resource

The way people research information and look for legal help has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Many people no longer use libraries or make phone calls to get information.  They turn to resources on the internet instead.

The convenience of the internet is one that many Americans cannot live without. A big problem with this is that not all information on the internet is reliable. People unfortunately post misleading and incorrect information on the internet on a regular basis . An example of this is there are many websites that offer legal services for fees that are much lower than an attorney’s- and do not make it clear that they do not actually have attorneys doing the work people think they are paying attorneys to do.

One way that we can help to combat the problem of misleading and incorrect information on the internet is to provide easily accessible information that is accurate, does not cost money, and does not come with any strings attached.

We are your reliable internet resource for legal information and referrals.