In most cases, when someone is involved in an auto accident, they can’t think clearly. They may say things they shouldn’t say, do things they shouldn’t do and simply lose control. Don’t be one of those people! Instead, be prepared with this list of things you should avoid after your accident.

  1. Do Not Eliminate the Police

Just because nobody was injured (or so you think), doesn’t mean you should eliminate the presence of a police officer. If you discover injuries later down the road and they are found to be linked to the accident, you’ll want that police report to help you file for personal injury compensation. If the other driver insists the accident was your fault, you’ll want that police report to prove otherwise. Having an officer on scene to assess what was happening in the moment is one of the most solid pieces of evidence you could have if your case goes to court.

  1. Do Not Admit Fault

Even if you have the sinking feeling your actions caused the accident, don’t ever admit fault. Give an accurate and honest account about what happened, but don’t come right out or even imply that you feel responsible. If the responding officer is assessing the situation and hears you say it was your fault, that information will go on the police report. Insurance companies jump all over someone who admits fault, and you don’t want to be stuck in that situation either.

  1. Do Not Walk Away

If you’re not injured to the point of needing immediate care, you should always stay at the scene. Walking away from it could appear to be fleeing the scene because of guilt. In many states, you could be criminally charged if you leave the scene. Stick around until the responding officer clears you to go.

Of course, if your injuries require immediate care, don’t worry about being carted off in an emergency vehicle. Your well being is the most important factor, and the officers will catch up to you later when you are able to give a statement.

  1. Do Not Speak With the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

The other driver’s insurance company might try to contact you in order to offer you a quick and easy payout. You are not required by any law to speak with that person. Contact your own lawyer and let him or her handle it from there.

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After being involved in an accident, there are plenty of things you know you should do, but there are also some things you shouldn’t do. Contact a car accident attorney for more information.