Can Public Relations Help Boost Attorney Clientele?

As a legal professional, the ability to draw in clientele can either make or break a career. Not only must an attorney find clients and fight for their rights or protection, but also uphold a positive reputation within the community. After all, a negative public perception is not likely to get people walking through your doors wanting legal advice. A legal professional may start to wonder how to go about boosting clientele, whether through marketing, advertising or public relations strategies. 

In the article to follow, we have answered a few common questions an attorney may have about hiring a public relations team or professional. 

How can a public relations team help improve an attorney’s reputation?

Until a member of the public needs legal assistance, they may be indifferent about what an attorney has to offer. Most people do not get familiar with legal professionals in their area until they require help. Then, word of mouth is vastly important. The more successful cases an attorney has, the more personal recommendations he or she may receive. 

However, even just having one case that didn’t turn out as desired, can influence reputation. A public relations team can step in to help minimize damages to the attorney’s public image through various communication strategies. 

It is worth it for an attorney to pay for advertisements and marketing?

When it comes to offering services that intend to protect and fight for the rights of people, sending a message with less of a sales tone can have its benefits. While you can pay a substantial amount of money for impressing advertising, the public may still interpret that as Hire me, let me sell you my services! A public relations approach can include a message that says This is who I am, why I am passionate about what I do, and am here to help anytime you are in need! 

When people feel as though your message is stemming from a more genuine place, the reception is more positive. A public relations professional can help an attorney develop a campaign that is both sincere and attracts clientele. 

Does a public relations professional utilize social media platforms?

Yes, a public relations team understands just how vital social media can be in what kind of information the public receives. Social media can be a great way to expand the reach of viewers, and help get an attorney’s name out in a positive way. A small yet impactful strategy is for an attorney to create social media accounts and post links to their website as another way to get more people familiar with their practice. 

Can a public relations approach help save an attorney or law firm money?

Yes, putting more time and energy into establishing relationships can end up saving an attorney money in the long-term. There are ways to reach your target audience that is both low-cost and effective. Having a public relations professional, like from a public relations agency in New York, NY at Goldman McCormick PR, to work on your behalf can help enhance relationships with those in the community and boost clientele.