How to Handle an Accident With a Cab Driver

Car accidents are extremely stressful, no matter the vehicles involved. Whether you were in a cab as a passenger or you’re a second driver, you may experience shock following the accident. If you’ve never been in an accident before, then you may not know what your next steps should be. Since the accident involves a taxi, you may have even more trouble deciding what to do next. Here is what you need to know about accidents involving cabs.

Passengers in Taxi Accidents

If you were in a cab during an accident, you can still file a claim for your injuries. In these cases, the fault is a little easier to figure out. As a passenger, odds are you had no fault in the accident. You were not driving and hence you did not cause it. Now, you do still have to determine who was at fault. If another driver is at fault, then you do not have a claim against the cab company or the cab driver. You would file your claim against the other driver. This is why it is crucial to have copies of accident reports and witness statements when you file a claim.

Other Drivers in Taxi Accidents

If you were driving another vehicle and happened to be in a collision with a taxi, then you would treat it the same as any standard accident. You would exchange information with the cab driver. Now, the big difference is that with a taxi driver, he or she may be covered under the taxi company’s insurance policy. Often, the cab company is liable for its drivers when they are on the clock. When negotiating with a cab’s insurance company, it is best to have a lawyer to help you work through negotiations. You want to make sure that you receive fair compensation.

In general, taxi accidents have the same rules that typical car accidents do. In most states, the court determines who was at fault. If the cab driver is at fault for the accident, then the driver is liable for the injuries of the other parties involved. Now, the big difference in terms of liability is that the cab company can also be held liable. In most cases, the driver is under the insurance of the cab company while working. So when you are injured, you may end up dealing with the cab company’s insurance. If you were recently in an accident involving a taxi, consult with a car accident lawyer, immediately to find out your options.