Reasons It’s Important to Come Up With a Clear Custody Plan

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When you decide to have children with someone, chances are you weren’t considering the fact that you would not be in a relationship with that person later down the road. This can be challenging to come to terms with. The person you thought you would be involved with romantically, will be in your life to co-parent with instead. No matter how amicable your relationship may have ended, or the promise you both made to each other to work together to care for your child, without a clear plan in place you stand to face a number of complications. Unfortunately, this could have the ability for you and your ex to experience some serious tensions as you wade through your child custody agreement. A lawyer can attest to key reasons it’s so important to come up with a clear custody plan.

Reason #1 To Mitigate Discord

It’s not uncommon for parents to think they can manage any problems or conflicts head-on as they arise. However, this can be easier said than done. As a result, tensions and feelings of frustration can quickly rise to the surface. Should you leave too much up for discussion in your child custody plan, you stand to have disagreements over decisions that need to be made over the care of your children. The last thing you want is to experience tensions between each other that may trickle down to your children.

Reason #2 So That Your Children Know What to Expect

You will all have to get accustomed to the new normal within your family. It’s only natural for there to be an adjustment period when you first start putting your plan into practice. With a clear plan in place that you and your ex are in agreement with, your children will be able to know what to expect during a time that can be especially challenging for them. A solid plan that is predictable for your children, can result in a much smoother adjustment period for all.  

Reason #3 To Put Your Children First

A clear plan that is created based on the best interest of your children is key to putting your children first. As a parent, this is key to ensuring that they are protected during this significant life change they are facing. Your lawyer can help you by listening to the needs of your children so that a plan is developed that keep them at the forefront.

A lawyer understands the hardship that can come with sharing the custody of your child. Coming up with a clear plan can help to remove any question when moving forward with your custody arrangement in the days, months and years to come. Sharing custody will come with a number of trials and tribulations. You and your ex will have to make a number of decisions regarding the care of your child. With a lawyer’s help, you can help to draft a custody arrangement that leaves nothing up for discussion. Contact a lawyer today so that they may begin assisting you in a clear custody plan that keeps your children’s best interest at the forefront.

Source: Family Lawyers Bloomington, Illinois, Pioletti & Pioletti