Family Lawyer

Family law encompasses many types of cases, and an attorney can help you resolve legal matters that fall within this area of the law. Family law involves a number of legal statutes and case precedents that focus on couples who have or had a domestic relationship. Family law cases usually are those which center on parties who are related by marriage or blood, but they can also involve less direct relationships. These tend to be very difficult cases because of their emotional nature. Representing one’s self is usually a bad idea as it can be nearly impossible to retain a detached and objective approach. A family law attorney has the experience and skills to present your case to the Judge can have a tremendous influence on the outcome of your legal concern. They can help you with any of the following:

  •         Divorce (including asset distribution)
  •         Legal separation
  •         Alimony
  •         Adoption
  •         Child custody
  •         Child visitation
  •         Child support
  •         Termination of parental rights
  •         Grandparent rights to visitation
  •         Spousal support
  •         Annulment
  •         Prenuptial agreement
  •         Restraining order petition

Domestic Abuse

The prevention of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse is also included in family law. Domestic abuse is most often associated with couples in committed relationships, but it can also occur between parents and children. Elders may be suffering domestic abuse at the hands of their children, grandchildren, or other relatives. A housemate may be suffering domestic abuse from another housemate. An older family member may be domestically abusing a child or another adult related to them. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, the victim has the legal right to request a Judge to issue a restraining order against the perpetrator. This is a legal process that a family law attorney can assist you with in order to protect you or a loved one from the actions of their abuser.

Child Support and Visitation Agreements

Should your spouse claim that they do not have the financial resources to provide child support, our family law attorney can represent you and your child’s rights in front of the Judge. A lawyer may be able to locate hidden assets and financial information in support of your case. Your family law attorney can also represent you at trial should it be impossible to come to a mutual agreement without a Judge’s intervention.

Parental Rights and Responsibilities

Of all the disputes that are litigated in family court, child custody is the most common. A family law attorney is compassionate and understanding of the volatile nature of child custody cases and can represent you with your child’s best interests in mind. This includes fighting for maximum child support, spousal support, and a fair child visitation structure. If you have an existing agreement in place but are needing to modify it, they can represent you in that scenario as well.

Source: Family Lawyer Baltimore, MD, Greenberg Law Offices