If a car hits a pedestrian, the consequences can be devastating. When you’re walking, you have no protection against the vehicle. This can result in severe injuries. If you were recently hit by a car, you could deserve compensation. If you’re considering filing a personal injury lawsuit, here are three things that you should never do.

Don’t Believe You’re Not Worth It

So many people who deserve compensation are shy about filing a claim because they don’t believe that they deserve the money. If you were harmed because of someone else’s negligence and have medical bills or lost wages, you deserve compensation. Before you decide that your case is not worth it, contact a lawyer to discuss how much your claim is worth. Most lawsuits are not frivolous.

Don’t Say Too Much

You know that the other driver was at fault. You know that when you tell your story that most would agree that the other person acted negligently. While you may be confident, you still need to take care of what you tell others. When you have a conversation with the insurance adjuster, be careful not to explain your feelings on the accident. Insurance adjusters can twist apologies to be an admission of guilt when it comes to fault. You want to share those details with your lawyer and allow him or her to guide you on what you should tell others. You do not want to compromise your case.

Don’t Procrastinate

After an accident, you may be sick and tired of talking about it. You already spoke to police, insurance companies, doctors and the other driver on the scene. It is no surprise that people become overwhelmed after an accident. While you know that you need to contact a lawyer to file your lawsuit, you may catch yourself procrastinating. After all, your future medical bills may still be uncertain.

Personal injury cases always have a statute of limitations. Every state, however, varies. Throughout the U.S., the statute of limitations for accidents involving a motor vehicle is between two and six years. If you wait too long to file your claim, your claim will be dismissed.

If you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated. The injuries that pedestrians suffer because of motor vehicles can be completely devastating. To find out what your case is worth, you should consult with a abogado de lesiones personales in Canoga Park, CA, like from Unidos Legales, as soon as possible.